A magical educational journey challenges the mind, nurtures the heart, and strengthens the body for all children every day. Accordingly, our curriculum reflects our belief that each child is a scholar, leader, and philanthropist. As such, it is designed to teach the whole child; all curricular components are interconnected. No subject is taught in isolation.

The academic curriculum is thematic and driven by both Arizona Early Learning Standards and the Arizona College and Career Standards. High-interest themes integrate all disciplines, allowing students to meet and exceed academic standards within a relevant context. In addition to being fun, each activity is thoughtfully developed to teach or reinforce learning goals. The curriculum is specially designed to promote a deep understanding of number sense, phonetic rules, and written expression. Focusing on mastery allows students to develop strong critical thinking skills.

Low teacher to student ratios means all children receive individualized instruction enabling them to work at or above grade level. Additionally, small class sizes allow teachers the flexibility to adapt the classroom schedule, tailoring instruction to the unique needs of the class. If children are overly energetic one day, they will have more time to play outside. If teachers recognize that students are engrossed in a learning activity, they will allot more time. Specializing in early childhood development, Magical Journey’s academic curriculum is experience rich and play-based.

The heart of our curriculum encompasses the areas of social and emotional growth. We recognize that young children are learning how to identify, express, and manage their own emotions and behaviors and that these skills can only be developed when children feel safe and secure. To that end, Magical Journey teachers help students become self-aware and socially aware, fostering a harmonious, inclusive culture in the classroom. Social and emotional standards are intentionally taught within our thematic units, Lend-a-Hand, Growth Mindset, and during student choice time. We know we have been successful when we observe our students self-regulating their behaviors, managing relationships, and making responsible decisions for their age. Our larger goal is for children to transfer their leadership skills and peaceful, compassionate perspectives to all communities of which they are a part.

Young children’s physical development not only strengthens their bodies but helps them learn.  For example, as children develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, they can hold a pencil and form letters. Consistent and fun practice helps children become more skilled with their bodies, making their movements smoother and easier. Physical activities are integrated within the thematic units to allow children to both demonstrate and acquire knowledge. For example, children work in the garden using their hands and developing their senses.  To learn about patterns, they might repeat physical activities – jumping, sitting, clapping etc. Magical Journey curriculum develops a strong mind-body connection vital for healthy, happy children.

Our curriculum embraces the whole child and also celebrates the unique gifts of individual children. While we have lofty goals for every child, the most important is this – we want our children to be happy.