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Parent Handbook

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“We just enrolled our second son, 2, and he loves the school just as much as his big brother. Each morning, he confidently walks into his classroom and starts playing with one of the engaging activities his teacher, Ms. Carolyn, has thoughtfully laid out for him. And each night, he comes home happy, singing a new song he learned at school, and talking about the activities he did that day. He has become a pro at drawing circles, counting, and singing.

We absolutely couldn’t be happier with our choice in preschools and would recommend to anyone seeking quality education; a modern, loving and loving environment; and a place that lets kids imagine and explore.”

Lindsay Cox, MJLC Parent

“Truly the most amazing experience for my daughter. Caring, upbeat and positive professionals here. I would recommend again and again. Trust me your kiddos will be very happy here.”

Dan Byron, MJLC Parent

“I was picking my daughter up from School one day and they were in the middle of working on a craft project making hearts. Jessica told me that they were talking about how their heart makes them feel loved and how they love others. She said the goal was to teach the kids about empathy. It was so beautiful it actually brought a tear to my eye. Needless to say, we love Magical Journey Learning Center as a place for our daughter to learn, grow, and make friends!”

Zack Scriven, MJLC Parent